Eating right for longevity

We are all aware of the importance of eating the right food to maintain good health. But most of us don’t realize that a diet made up of very healthy foods need not always be a healthy diet. The most healthy foods, can be unhealthy and can lead to disease if not consumed the […]

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Detox in 48 hrs

Detox seems to be one of the buzzwords of this decade. We find everything from detox herb teas to magic detox pills and one time detox patches in the market today. Unfortunately most of them don’t fulfill the goals of a cleansing and detox plan.

The air we breath and the water we drink […]

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Three Secrets to Good Health

Ayurveda says that wellness of human beings are fundamentally sustained on three major factors, just like three pillars holding a building. Each of these factors is equally important and disturbances to even one will cause imbalance in the being. And the qualities of these three aspects determine the quality of ones being too.
And […]

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Vaastu shasthra

Vaastu shastra is the traditional Indian system of architecture and design of vedic origin which helps one to reap the maximum support and positive energy from the environment that one reside. It deals with the correct placement of man with respect to its environment to achieve harmony with nature and is based on the […]

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Breath away your stress

In today’s fast paced life, stress has become something like an inevitable consequence. Stress by itself is not always harmful. Its a normal reaction to external pressures. The effect of stress is to put our bodies in a state of alert through the release of hormones associated with our “fight response”. And stress is […]