Roots of Ayurveda

There is a strong interdependance between Ayurveda and ancient Indian philosophical thought. Thereby Hinduism is not the only religion that is closely related to Ayurveda. There was a time in India where Buddhism played a significant role and this specific religious thought had a strong influence on Ayurveda. Ref.Heinrich Zimmer YOGA and Buddhism

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Kerala Ayurveda – Journey to the land of Ayurveda

The Arabian Sea on the west coast, the Western Ghats on the east with its 2.700m  moutain range and a network of forty-four rivers makes Kerala an unique place to visit. A constant climate, a long coast with peaceful solitary beaches, beautiful jadegreen water channels (backwaters) that extends from the coast far into the […]

Dharma Ayurveda Profile

Dharma Ayurveda is a dream realm for the health-conscious to achieve total well being of mind, body and soul. The Dharma ancestry has been practicing the Science of Ayurveda for centuries, healing and curing varied maladies. The result of this enormous experience is Dharma Ayurveda – the renowned science involving traditional Ayurvedic treatments down […]

Ayurveda – A Science or A Myth

Beyond time and space [Avyaktha] existed the consciousness of existence [Mahath]. By the will or desire [ahankara] of this consciousness happened this universe whose form can be traced down to the five elements. And we human beings too are an integral part of this universe, like the trees, the birds, the sea and the […]

Ayurvedic Medicine

Two significant Asian medical systems, Ayurvedic Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM), are gaining immense recognition, as the rising tendency shows amongst Western medicine. For a long time,  seen from a scientific aspect, this two medical systems were viewed with suspician and were pushed to the corner of esoteric. Since these two above mentioned asian medical systems have found […]