Ayurvedic Diagnosis – The Art of Medical Diagnosis

An alert, vigilant person can identify and recognise the differences in beings very quickly by observing the behaviour and actions, which makes an individual so unique. The Ayurveda doctor is especially trained to do so.
Ayurveda medicine has developed a method of diagnosis known as a theory of types/constitutional medicine based on which the doctor […]

CELERY or Apium Graveolens

Celery is a very popular salad plant, also used to flavor stews and sauces, which has been in cultivation since centuries in Asia and Europe.Celery was known to the Chinese since fifth century BC. And even before that Celery was widely in use in India especially for its healing properties. The herb is known […]

Gentle Training for Body & Mind

Ayurveda and Yoga form a close symbiosis. Yoga exercises (yogaasanas) can be practised as a supplementary expedient to Ayurveda because many ayurvedic treatments uses yogic methods for treating disorders in the human body. The root of Ayurveda and yoga originate from the same philosophical matrix.

Both are based on the ancient holy Sanskrit texts […]

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Ayurveda – Living in Harmony with Oneself

Ayurveda (Ayu=life/veda =wisdom) Wisdom of life. Ayurveda is acknowledged to be one of the oldest health systems in the world and can be seen as the mother of all medical systems. Unlike the current western medical system which is chiefly based on methods of curative specialisation, the essence and emphasis of Ayurveda is preventive, […]

The Dharma Founder – Dr.Bahuleyan

The healer is the almighty and we (healers) are just tools. Tools are not entitled to credit.

Such was the modesty of Dr.Bahuleyan, the renowned Dharma Ayurveda Vaidyan (Practitioner) from Kerala who healed thousand of patients year round without accepting any fee for his service.

Dr.Bahuleyan was born into an 1800 year old lineage of healers […]