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Ayurvedic Medicine

Two significant Asian medical systems, Ayurvedic Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM), are gaining immense recognition, as the rising tendency shows amongst Western medicine. For a long time,  seen from a scientific aspect, this two medical systems were viewed with suspician and were pushed to the corner of esoteric. Since these two above mentioned asian medical systems have found […]

Ayurveda and Western Sciences

Amongst the educated milieu a certain prejudice prevails and predominates western thought even today: that scientific thought has originated from western spheres, based on the knowledge of classical Greece. These views ignore the substantial influence  other cultures have had on Science. Who knows now or even registers the fact, that the numerical 0 is the […]

The Elements in Ayurveda – Archetypes of Being

Philosophical and Historical background

From the scientific, scholastic material available today one cannot conclude to what extent Greek and Indian healing systems of medicine influenced one another or if at all there was a connection  between the two systems or a mutual exchange of medical ideas. There are many contrary  theories about this but since the topic […]


Kerala is also known as God’s own country. If one believes World Travel and Tourist Council (WTTC) then Kerala belongs to one of the world’s most attractive tourist destination. Kerala is blessed with undreamt possibilities of natures bounty.

The Indian state Kerala has an area of 38.863 km and a population of 32.802.812 (data:1.January 2006). […]

Ayirooppara – The home town of Dharma Ayurveda

Dharma Ayurveda Thiruvananthapuram, was established in 1965 by late Dr.Bahuleyan, one of the greatest Ayurvedic healers of the past century. Since it’s inception, Dharma Ayurveda has served as a beautiful, nurturing place where people come to heal their physical illnesses, find emotional calm and connect to their inner spiritual life. The centre which had […]