A Brief Introduction to Ayurmana

Ayurmana, an exclusive Ayurvedic Hospital in Trivandrum, offers you profound healing process and lets you experience highest possible quality of life. Run by Dharma Ayurveda, Ayurmana shelters esteemed Ayurvedic Physicians for over nine generations. Set on a beautiful hillock in Dharmagiri, Ayurmana provides some of the powerful cures to different physical problems.

The dharma healers present in the Ayurvedic center follow ancient remedies and methods that will help you to get rid of ailments and achieve well being of mind and body. Located amidst the greenery, Ayurmana has proved itself as one of the finest Ayurvedic centers in India. With its effective and long-lasting cure, Ayurmana has fetched multiple positive reviews. Happy and satisfied clients have described in various ways how Ayurmana gave them a life-changing experience.

The History of Ayurmana

Ayurmana was founded by Dr. D. Bahuleyan in the year 1965. Being a notable name in Ayurveda in the 20th century, Dr. Bahuleyan has passed his skill to his next generation. Today, Ayurmana is guided by his talented son, Dr. Jayaprakash, the internationally recognized Ayurvedic physician. This center served its purpose as a healing center where people receive relief from stress and anxiety and gets connected to their inner spiritual life.

The team of efficient healers are known for their extraordinary approaches. They uses herbal supplements and specialized techniques to cure health conditions. The treatment modules are unique and have the power to eradicate the issue from the source. Apart from this, the herbal formulations applied to the patients are specially prepared in the vaidyasala. The herbs and the plants are handpicked by the experts to give you utmost level of care.

What Sort of Services Can You Get?

The medical practitioners of Ayurmana have mastered in providing Ayurvedic treatment to different health conditions including arthritis, obesity, diabetes, disc prolapse, multiple sclerosis, migraine, stroke and more. The center also specialises in curing stress and anxiety and rejuvenating skin and hair. The treatment modulation include different massage procedures, marma techniques, customized exercise regime, medicated oils and herbal supplements, yoga and meditation, panchakarma, diet plans and lifestyle modifications.

You will be allotted spacious rooms with attached bath and sit out. You will get the chance to meet your healer regularly, who will provide you with a detailed treatment plan. The clients receiving the best service write down their thoughts on the review section. Once you go through the loads of Ayurmana reviews, you will get a brief idea how satisfy our clients are with the final outcome.

Why Choose Ayurmana Over Other?

Ayurmana, the advanced Healing Center in Kerala, has risen to fame with its ancient curative process. People who have visited Ayurmana to seek mental peace and to end their physical struggle are never let down with our services. With dedication and constant effort, the healers make sure that you receive the utmost care. The review segment of Ayurmana holds some of the best revelations from the clients. Take a look into the Ayurmana reviews and you be the judge of that.

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