The immediate cause of peptic ulcer is fairly simple, though the underlying causes are still controversial. The stomach secretes more corrosive acid and digestive enzymes than the lining of the stomach and duodenum can tolerate. Consequently, the acid-enzyme mixture eats away, actually digesting tissue that would resist digestion if it had strength. The attacks create inflammation, sores, tiny holes, sometimes bleeding and often a great deal of gnawing, burning abdominal pain. Thus, ulcers are an imbalance between acid’s misguided attacks and the stomach linings ability to resist being chewed up.

The underlying causes of peptic ulcer is still controversial although extensive new evidence blames a bacterial infection from a germ called helicobacter pylori. Thus many physicians now use antibiotics to try to keep ulcers from recurring.

Regardless, food and drink journeying through the stomach and intestines infringe intimately on ulcer territory and can ease or worsen symptoms. Many foods long used to treat ulcers have antibiotic effects which may help explain their success.

Beverages to cut down

Excess of Milk – The transient relief one experience on consuming milk lasts a mere 20 minutes and then acid levels rebound even higher, because milk encourages the secretion of the hormone gastrin which triggers release of even more acid.

Beer and white wine – Drinking beer or white wine nearly doubles the stomach acid secretion. While neither whisky nor cognac boosted stomach acid.

Kava (low acid coffee), Sanka (decaf coffee), Coffee 7-up, Coke and other colas

Foods that heal peptic ulcer

Cabbage juice Take 850ml of fresh cabbage juice daily relieves the symptoms and helps heal the ulcer.

Bananas and plantain Since early times, banana has been used as a peptic ulcer remedy in Ayurveda. Green plantain is considered more potent medicine than ripe ones. Plantains must be cooked before eating, because they are tough to eat raw.

Beans Beans especially red and white beans have antacid activity. Corn and unpolished rice also have the same properties.

Asian green tea Green tea is found to be good for ulcer healing. Studies have showed improved healing rates in people taking green tea regularly.

Breaking the myths about ulcer causing foods

Hot pepper harms May sound absurd, but spicy food doesn’t aggravate ulcers and red pepper specifically can help them. Extensive studies have found that spicy food doesnot cause ulcers or retard healing or harm normal stomach in any way. But make sure you don�t use it in fried foods or with fatty dishes which might perhaps cause acidity.

Decaff is harmless Studies found that decaff coffee spurs more acid than normal coffee and caffeine may not be the main culprit in coffee that cause acidity.

Bland diets help healing There is little or no evidence that bland diets help ulcer healing. High fibre carbohydrate foods are good for ulcers, a low fibre diet may infact aggravate the condition

Eating small frequent meals helps Infact such frequent meals could be detrimental by increasing acid secretion. Three meals a day as usual is better. But don’t over eat.

Source: Dr..Jayaprakash