Ayurveda – Living in Harmony with Oneself

Ayurveda (Ayu=life/veda =wisdom) Wisdom of life. Ayurveda is acknowledged to be one of the oldest health systems in the world and can be seen as the mother of all medical systems. Unlike the current western medical system which is chiefly based on methods of curative specialisation, the essence and emphasis of Ayurveda is preventive, […]

Roots of Ayurveda

There is a strong interdependance between Ayurveda and ancient Indian philosophical thought. Thereby Hinduism is not the only religion that is closely related to Ayurveda. There was a time in India where Buddhism played a significant role and this specific religious thought had a strong influence on Ayurveda. Ref.Heinrich Zimmer YOGA and Buddhism

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Ayurveda – A Science or A Myth

Beyond time and space [Avyaktha] existed the consciousness of existence [Mahath]. By the will or desire [ahankara] of this consciousness happened this universe whose form can be traced down to the five elements. And we human beings too are an integral part of this universe, like the trees, the birds, the sea and the […]

Ayurvedic Medicine

Two significant Asian medical systems, Ayurvedic Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM), are gaining immense recognition, as the rising tendency shows amongst Western medicine. For a long time,  seen from a scientific aspect, this two medical systems were viewed with suspician and were pushed to the corner of esoteric. Since these two above mentioned asian medical systems have found […]

The Elements in Ayurveda – Archetypes of Being

Philosophical and Historical background

From the scientific, scholastic material available today one cannot conclude to what extent Greek and Indian healing systems of medicine influenced one another or if at all there was a connection  between the two systems or a mutual exchange of medical ideas. There are many contrary  theories about this but since the topic […]