Dharma Ayurveda Profile

Dharma Ayurveda Profile

Dharma Ayurveda is a dream realm for the health-conscious to achieve total well being of mind, body and soul. The Dharma ancestry has been practicing the Science of Ayurveda for centuries, healing and curing varied maladies. The result of this enormous experience is Dharma Ayurveda – the renowned science involving traditional Ayurvedic treatments down the centuries through generations.

Dharma Ayurveda is a result of an 1800-year-old lineage of experience in traditional as well as specialized Ayurvedic healing practices that have been developed in house and passed on through generations of family healers.

Dharma has been and is persistently curing the modern day maladies viz., obesity, depression, rheumatoid arthritis, migraine to mention a few.
Dharma is proud of its legendary success in healing these diseases including total cures of some diseases where other medicinal sciences failed.

Dharma strictly adhering to the tradition of Ayurveda has packaged short and long-term effective programmes which ensure total rejuvenation of the body.
Other practices administered at the Dharma abodes include amazing methods like pulse diagnosis (Nadi chikitsa), Energy points diagnosis (Marma Chikitsa), etc.

Dharma’s treatment offers range from 7-day rasayana treatments to the historic 52 – day Kudipraveshika that is a once-in-a – lifetime therapy.

The medicines and formulas used in Dharma treatments and therapies are made at the in-house laboratory from the finest herbs and plants sourced throughout the state. The formulas strictly adhere to the original procedures of formulation which, centuries ago brought relief to the many Portuguese, Dutch and other seafarers who arrived on Indian shores afflicted with painful diseases during their long voyages.

Dharma Ayurveda centers span across the world to offer comfort, advice, rejuvenation and cure to the numerous that step into their foyer.

The Dharma Vision

To win the respect of our customers throughout the world by being a leader in delivering effective and defect free Ayurvedic healing therapies, treatments and products.

To popularize and propagate Ayurveda through Dharma’s specialized Ayurveda treatments, therapies and products and excellent customer service.

Customer Assurance

Our customers shall receive our time-tested, defect free Ayurvedic healing treatments and products, delivered to them with quality, care and servitude.

Source: Dr. Jayaprakash

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