Ayurvedic treatment for weight loss – Fast and Safe

Ayurvedic treatment for weight loss

About losing fat and inches

Lets start with a few statistics

  • Among people 15% to 29% above ideal weight, the rate of Heart attacks is 80% greater than those in their ideal weight and among those more than 30% above ideal weight, incidence is 230% greater.
  • Prevalence of Hypertension [high blood pressure] is 5.6 times as high for the obese as the non obese [among people 20 – 44 years of age]
  • Hypercholesterolemia [high blood cholesterol] is 2.1 times higher in obese people
  • Incidence of Diabetes is 2.9 times higher in over weight people
  • Uterine cancer is 5.4 times more prevalent in severely obese women
  • Extreme obesity is associated with upto 1200% increase in death from all causes.

And this is just a tip of the ice berg. A massive, elucidating body of evidence suggests that excess weight can produce physical, mental and emotional misery while subtracting many years from the normal life span. The good news is that you could prevent or even reverse most of them through certain proven, time tested techniques and strategies.

Concepts and Misconcepts

Obesity is often a result of one or more of reasons ranging from disturbed or incorrect metabolism, hormonal imbalances, erratic diet and life styles, fluid retention due to various factors etc to emotional and hereditary reasons. So understanding and addressing the reasons should form an important aspect of any solution for healthy, successful weight loss.

1. Permanent weight loss

Our body has its own set standard for everything including temperature, blood pressure, body weight etc. This set point may be altered by a wide variety of factors ranging from age and life style to varied health issues. Permanent weight loss is achieved in an obese person only when he succeeds in resetting his body’s set parameter for weight to a lower desired point. Or else, even if he loses weight through different means, he falls back to his original weight when he returns to his regular lifestyle. Yogic breathing combined with visualization is a very effective means to change the body’s image of its set weight. There are many therapies in Ayurveda too, which help to achieve the same, in a subtle and silent way.

2. Diet plans for weight loss

Diet is a major factor in any weight loss program. A personalized balanced diet may in fact correct or to a large extent counter the underlying causes of obesity and ensure success.

The common trend of cutting down drastically on foods in quantity and calories, may not be always the right option, as it sends alarm bells to the body that you are starving. Body activates all its mechanisms and the moment you start eating normal, body start converting the most part to fat as store. And statistics say that 80 percent of people who follow low calorie diets end up almost 20 percent higher than the weight at which they started on diet.

The high protein and high fat diets ensure fast weight loss in many people but is not a healthy option for a long term approach for sustained weight loss, especially in people who need to lose more than a couple of kilos. For the very reason that it upsets and alters the body’s natural metabolism and cause imbalance, it could lead to unforeseen and serious health hazards.

So its important to have a custom designed balanced diet that caters to your body’s unique requirements to ensure fast and safe weight loss.

3. Exercise

Exercise is another important aspect of any healthy weight loss plan. They ensure that the muscles stay toned and also aid in shaping up your body.

For weight loss continuous exercise is more effective than short strenuous exercise. When we exercise strenuously for 20 minutes or 30 minutes, we burn a lot of calories. But that essentially doesn’t mean we are burning fat. Body normally starts burning fat only after 45 minutes of continuous exertion. Moreover, once it gets started into fat metabolism it could use fat for energy for almost the next 12 hours. So a one hour relaxed walk may help you burn more fat than 30 min of strenuous exercise.

4. Supplements

Taking the right combination of vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients invariably helps in maintaining optimum health. Especially when on a weight loss program, where you are losing a part of your existing body – though its essentially fat is a time your system needs strength and support. So always take medical advise on supplements to be taken when you are on a weight loss program.

5. Massages

Ayurveda Massages

Regular oil or cream massages should be an integral part of the program, if you are aiming to lose 10% or more of your existing body weight. With majority of people who don’t take massages and lose more than 10%, the skin gets wrinkles and muscles tend to sag making them look old and sick. There are specialized massages and herbal fomentation therapies in Ayurveda for preventing this during weight loss and in fact the person will look and feel years younger and much healthier than before. Some of the specialized Ayurvedic massages even mobilize and speed up the burning up of localized fat deposits.

Immediate benefits of losing excess weight

The benefits of shedding the excess kilos are innumerable.

To say the least, it will add years to your life and life to your years.

The immediate benefits will include

  • increase in energy levels and endurance
  • marked increase in muscle strength and tone
  • more stable blood pressure
  • better controlled blood glucose levels
  • improved lipid profile
  • improved immunity for faster healing and overall well being
  • more positive, relaxed and pleasant state of mind

Many of the disease conditions that develop with obesity are reversible, but some are not. So if you are overweight, don’t delay your decision to lose weight.
Some people keep postponing, till the choice is lost.

Studies project an up to 40% increase in life expectancy on reaching the ideal limits of weight.

So get started with life style changes or even better start on an Ayurvedic treatment for weight loss. Choose to be fit and to look and feel great, right now!

Wish you happy weight loss!

Source: Dr. Jayaprakash

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